WhatsApp Prescriptions

Send prescriptions to Alpharm Chemist quickly and easily using WhatsApp in a few easy steps.

Step 1

Download the WhatsApp application to your mobile phone. This is easy to do, and should not take long. Once installed, you should not have to repeat this step. Visit the WhatsApp website here, for detailed instructions on how to install the app.

Step 2

Take a photo of the prescription, both front and back, making sure you have filled out any exemptions on the back. The photo needs to be clear,  so take in a well lit area, or try using flash if you have any doubts about the photo.

Step 3

Using the WhatsApp application, send a message, with the photos attached, to 07478380074

Step 4

Somebody from the pharmacy will call you to confirm we have received your medication, and will confirm whether you will collect the medication, or require delivery.

Step 5

Your medicine is ready for you to collect, or be delivered. Make sure to have the paper prescription ready for the delivery driver, or to give to the pharmacist, as without this, we cannot dispense your medication.